Sky's 3D TV channel will start broadcasting on April 3 with the Premiership match between Manchester United and Chelsea.

A further five Premiership games will also be broadcast on Sky 3D before the current football season ends on May 9, along with the Coca-Cola Football League Play-Off finals later in the month.

More than 1,000 pubs and clubs in the UK and Ireland have already signed up to offer the channel, which will also broadcast a 'showreel' of the other shows the broadcaster will offer on the 3D channel.

Consumers with a Sky HD box that subscribe to the broadcasters top channels will also be able to access the channel, providing they have a compatible 3D TV set and 3D glasses.

Sky 3D works with a number of different 3D TVs, including those from Sony, Samsung and Panasonic, some of which while be available as early as this month.

Brian Lenz from Sky said: "It's fitting that one of the biggest games of the season will be the launch pad for our pioneering Sky 3D service.

"With 3D, seeing really is believing, so it's great news that over a thousand pubs across country will be able to show the magic of 3D to their customers."

Sky said later in the year its 3D TV service will offer a range of movies, sport, documentaries, entertainment and arts content.

Visit Sky's dedicated webpage to register for more information on its 3D service.

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