Samsung Electronics has improved on a flexible LCD panel it announced in January this year and produced a larger, higher-resolution version, the company announced on Monday.

The latest prototype is a 7in display with VGA (640 pixels by 480 pixels) resolution, said Chae Suyeon, a spokeswoman for Samsung in Seoul. Both these specifications beat the last prototype, which was a 5in model with 400x300 resolution.

Like the last version the latest panel is based on amorphous silicon TFT (thin-film transistor) technology, which is a common manufacturing method for LCD panels. But unlike conventional LCD panels, which are made on sheets of glass, the prototype panel is made on a sheet of plastic. That means it can be bent into various shapes and is also more durable than a traditional panel.

For the new panel Samsung refined the manufacturing method so that the TFT panel and colour filter - the two major parts that go together to make a display panel - were attached together. This minimises the distortion that can occur when the panel is bent if the layers not be attached, according to Chae.

Samsung hasn't determined a schedule for commercialisation of the panels.

"We're considering the market situation. We don't have a specific plan at the moment," said Chae.