The Moto 360 smartwatch got a lot of buzz when it made its debut at Google I/O back in June, largely because of its round watch face. And now, it seems that LG also thinks round is the way to go.

According to a report from Engadget, the South Korean-based electronics company will announce a new round-faced smartwatch at next week's IFA show in Berlin.

We don't know of any specs for the new smartwatch--reportedly named the G Watch R--but LG published an unlisted teaser video to one of its official YouTube accounts, Engadget notes.

The teaser video hints at a completely round screen--a subtle jab, perhaps, at the Moto 360, whose screen isn't actually completely round despite its round face. The video also quickly flashes different face designs and layouts, as well as a handful of other features like a step counter and compass.

With two major companies hopping on the round-smartwatch bandwagon, it's probably safe to assume that other companies will follow suit. And if anything, it's a sign that electronics makers have learned a lesson or two from the oft-ridiculed Google Glass: When it comes to wearables, looks matter big time, and might make the difference between a toy for early adopters only and a device that wins more mainstream acceptance.