Foxconn is having a hard time putting the jigsaw puzzle of an iPhone 5 together, Apple enlists the help of Justin Timberlake, and pretty soon youll be able to smell what your friends are cooking via your iPhone. The remainders for Wednesday, October 17, 2012 have just a touch of vanilla, to freshen your day.

Hon Hais Explanation for iPhone 5 Shortage (Wall Street Journal)

So, Apple is apparently still having trouble moving iPhone 5 units as fast as it would like to, thanks to supply shortages. Whats the holdup? Foxconn parent company Hon Hai says the new smartphone is the most difficult device Foxconn has ever assembled. Clearly they havent tried to put together the Lego Taj Mahal.

Apple snaps up celebrity-backed Web app firm Particle (CNet)

It seems Apple has made another of its under-the-radar acquisitions; this time, the target is a creative consulting firm called Particle. According to CNet, Particle specializes in HTML5-based Web apps and marketing projects. But far, far more important is the fact that the venture is backed by, among others, singer and actor double threat Justin Timberlake. So I guess hes bringing sexy back & to Web apps?

New App Sends Smells via iPhone (Time)

How does your iPhone smell? With its nose, of course. That nose, however, is an accessory called Chat Perf which includes an atomizer and smell tank that attach to the iPhones dock connector port. There is no conceivable way this will be misused.