If you're interested in quirky furniture, you need to check out PixelBrite, the slickest LED home project I've seen in a while.

PixelBrite by Leone Labs is a 10-by-10 grid of RGB LEDs that you can use as a coffee table surface, a sculpture, or even a dance floor if you have more than one. To dictate which colors appear on the grid, you can either connect it straight to your computer and use a piece of software called PixelPal to play around with each cell, or save patterns to an SD card, which you can then stick into a slot on the PixelBrite itself.

The bonus: You can build the PixelBrite yourself. The downside? Expect to pay a large sum if you want to build the whole thing and have it look any good. Get the guide on Instructables.

[Instructables via Hack a Day]

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