Remember Part chat room and part dancehall, it lets folks across the internet host ersatz DJ sessions with music licensed from record labels, or uploaded by users. Alas, the company behind it all has announced that they'll be shutting the service down to focus their time and resources on their new service, Turntable Live.

This is kind of a bummer, actually. I'll admit I haven't climbed behind the digital wheels of steel in ages, but remains the most interesting kinda-sorta social network I ever had the pleasure of participating in. I've fond memories of Friday afternoons, one eye on work and the other on my Turntable playlist, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of sweet jams to my similarly occupied colleagues.

But fond memories don't pay the bills. Licensing music all of that music isn't cheap, and while there are advertisements and a premium subscription service for folks who wanted to contribute directly, the company remarked that it couldn't possibly keep two music services afloat.

Perhaps they'll have better luck with Live. The new platform lets artists schedule internet-concerts: Turntable will sell the tickets, and stream the event live to an audience around the world.

There will be a final shut-down party on December 2nd, so there's still some time to hold a few final jam sessions.