RealNetworks' new RealPlayer is now available in the UK for consumers to download for free at Real claims that the all-new RealPlayer allows PC users to use a single application to record and download videos from tens-of-thousands of websites with a single click. Read our exclusive preview of RealPlayer here.

With RealPlayer installed, a "Download this Video" button briefly appears in your PC's web browser whenever playing a video. With a single-click the video will begin downloading in the background, so you can view other videos, switch to another site or close your browser.

During playback or after viewing a video clip within RealPlayer, the new "Share Video Link" feature allows users to share their favorite Web videos with friends and family by delivering a link to the original location of the video file via email to the intended recipient.

"Our goal with the new RealPlayer is to enable consumers to watch internet video whenever and wherever they want. By making it 'one-click' simple to download, we're changing the way people experience online video," said Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO of RealNetworks.

Real says that with RealPlayer multiple videos can be simultaneously downloaded and recorded. RealPlayer can also capture online video in popular formats including Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime and RealPlayer.

RealPlayer will automatically recognise and fail to download video content protected by DRM (digital rights management) systems, however, which may prove offputting to some users. RealPlayer Plus, available for £19, users can burn video to DVD.

Future versions of RealPlayer will enable users to transfer their online video content to video iPods and other personal media devices. Mac compatible and foreign language versions of the new RealPlayer will be available later this year.