The London wing of global creative agency Moving Brands has created an electronic Christmas ornament that taps into some of our favourite emerging hackable technologies - and you can get to play with them too.

Moving Brands says it created the MB Joule project to bring its design and development teams together on a festive project, which also gave them a chance to play with the possibilities of tech that's still in its relative infancy such as conductive inks.

The creatives also got to play with papercraft using laser-cut card, batteries and BlinkMs - bright LEDs with an embedded control module that runs pre-programmed light sequences. And it should come as no surprise that these are programmed using an Arduino. When a joule is folded into shape, its electric circuit is completed, and the LEDs light up, forming a glowing holiday ornament.

The only hip tech missing in MBJoule is 3D printing - but then the firm did create a 3D printed chocolate advent calendar last year.

What you can play with is a bit simpler. Moving Brands has built a microsite that allows you to design your own MB Joule, and then print it out as a paper ornament - or apply conductive inks, a battery and some standard LEDs. On a tech level, the site includes 3D rendering, persistent storage, and dynamic output of vector graphic files.

You can create your own MB Joule at