The first time I saw the bullet time sequence in the Matrix, I thought it was about the coolest thing ever. And now you can reproduce the same effect using just a ceiling fan and a GoPro. A video specialist named Jeremiah Warren built his own spinning bullet time rig by attaching a GoPro 3 (which shoots up to 240 frames per second) to a fan so that the camera rotates around him.

Jeremiah also wired up the ceiling fan to a dimmer switch so he could control the speed, and mounted the fan between two trees in his backyard with a sturdy piece of wood. By all accounts, it doesn't look bad for something that doesn't need an expensive ring of studio cameras shooting in succession.

You can check out some more slow-motion fireworks just in time for July 4 in one of his videos (below). Don't forget to watch the making-of video, too.

[Jeremiah Warren via Make]

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