Apple is finally offering UK iTunes users the chance to download TV shows in high definition, starting with American drama Lost.

Episodes of Lost series five, which follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, are available to download now. Each file is 2.91GB in size and costs £2.49.  Alternatively, for £41.99 users can obtain a season pass that allows them to download every episode in the series, including future shows, which will automatically be downloaded as soon as they are made available.

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Season five of Lost began in the US last week and was broadcast a few days later in the UK. A five-minute 'Lost Starter Kit' is also available as a free HD download.

HD downloads have been available on the US iTunes store for some time. HD television take up is more common in the US, with numerous popular shows and live events available in HD.

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In the UK, the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and BSkyB currently offer a limited number of programs and channels in HD via satellite. Virgin Media meanwhile offers just one HD channel in BBC HD.

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