The world's a big and crazy place, but a new generation of wearables is making it easier than ever to keep tabs on your wandering tykes. TechHive recently reviewed Filip, a watch-like wearable that mashes up a GPS locator with a cellphone to keep parents aware of their children's whereabouts, and now LG is jumping into the fray with the LG Kizon.

Once you've slapped a Kizon on your kid's wrist, you'll be able to pinpoint his or her location using a companion app for smartphones and tablets, and parents can set Location Reminders in-app to automatically ping you with your child's coordinates at specific times. The wearable offers more than mere tracking, however. A "One Step Direct Call" feature lets children easily call a preconfigured number, which can be changed using the companion app.

Parents can also call their kids using Kizon, but LG's wristband offers an extra perk for communications traveling toward the child: If your kid doesn't answer within 10 seconds, the Kizon automatically connects the call and lets you listen to what your child is doing using the device's built-in microphones. Kinda creepy? Sure, but it's also likely to be a welcome feature for frantic parents wondering why their kid refuses to pick up the wrist-phone. 

LG says the Kizon's battery should last 36 hours, and the app will notify parents when power dips below 25 percent. It's launching in South Korea tomorrow and is slated to land in North America and Europe sometime in the third quarter. Here's hoping the Kizon's calling features work better than the awful cellular communications found in the kid-friendly Filip tracker.