Got a problem charging your LG G Watch due to metal corrosion? Turns out, there's an app for that...or at least a software fix. LG recently released a software update for the G Watch meant to address complaints of corrosion buildup on the five charging pins on the back of the LG G Watch.

The software update disables the current to the pins when the G Watch is not in the charging dock, according to a statement from an LG support representative first published by Android Police.

In late July, some users started complaining that the charging pins on the back of their LG G Watches were corroded or damaged. One user on Reddit said it happened to one of his pins after a day of regular use that included one hour of playing soccer (see image at the top of this post). The corroded pin prevented the watch from charging, but the Reddit user was able to get it working after cleaning it with some isopropyl alcohol.

Another post on the XDA developer forums reported similar problems.

Others complained of discomfort on their skin and even a burning sensation after wearing the watch, according to Android Police--a troubling issue reminiscent of the allergic reactions people complained about with the FitBit Force. In this case, however, a recall doesn't appear necessary as switching off the current to the charging pins when the watch isn't in its cradle should fix the issue.

LG G Watch owners may still find they have to clean their charging pins from time to time since they are exposed to your skin, but the software fix should prevent any permanent damage to the device.

It's maybe a little surprising that LG didn't come across this problem during product testing; however, it's not clear how widespread the problem currently is. It wouldn't be surprising if LG elected to add a cover for the charging pins if it ever releases an LG G Watch 2, though.

If you're an LG G Watch owner expect to see a software update headed to your wrist in the coming days if you haven't received it already.

[Images sourced via +Ariel Ruff]