Humax is following in the footsteps of 3View by making Sky Player available through its Freeview set-top boxes.

Sky's TV-on-demand service can currently be accessed from any PC with a broadband connection, Windows Media Center, the Xbox 360 games console and Fetch TV - a TV-on-demand service that combines Freeview broadcasts with other content.

However, under the new deal the service will also be available on Humax's new range of IP-enabled Freeview HD set-top boxes.

Current Sky customers can access content related to their TV packages for free, while other users can watch shows on a pay-per-view basis.

"We know that many Sky homes also have Freeview in other rooms, and this provides a great way for them to enjoy Sky away from their Sky box," said Griff Parry, Sky's director of On-Demand.

"For new customers, particularly those in Freeview homes, it provides an innovative new access point to Sky's high-quality pay TV content."

Sky confirmed the Humax HD Fox T2, which launched in February 2010, would feature the Sky Player along with a Humax HD digital TV recorder, which is expected to be released in the coming months.

"The addition of Sky Player on our Freeview HD boxes ensures Humax is positioned to offer consumers an exciting way to experience digital TV, with great content and a range of home networking and content sharing features," added Graham North from Humax.

Sky's chief executive Jeremy Darroch confirmed there were more deals that will put the catch-up TV service on other devices in the pipeline.

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