There is a very good chance that you have at least one room in your house where you can hardly move from one corner to another without tripping over a set of wires. This is due to the fact that we're packing our homes with more and more technology.

The number of gadgets has risen substantially in the past decade alone, with everything from games consoles to a surround sound home cinema system and HD TV now seen as being standard features in a household. And don’t forget that the majority of people across the UK now own a mobile phone or smartphone, and practically every mobile device comes with a charger.

Fortunately, those responsible for giving us some of the most extraordinary gadgets have now came up with strategies to enable devices to function without a tangle of ghastly wires trailing down the wall and across the floor.

Dan Simmons addressed the concept of homes soon becoming wire-free in BBC Click earlier this month – check it out here – and see below for tips on how you can clear your property of wires today.

Go wire-free: TV

 Samsung TV apps

The days where a television was used solely to watch your favourite programmes as they aired are long gone; that HD TV is now a display for all manner of video and other content from the internet.

With technology coming on leaps and bounds in recent years, you can now use the big screen in order to catch up on shows which you missed first time – BBC iPlayer, Sky Go and Demand 5 are all available through your Sky+ box for example – without dragging a laptop and its bulky power adapter into the room. See also: Pure Avalon 300R Connect review

If you have an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you can even go that extra mile and stream movies through Netflix and Lovefilm straight to your TV. What’s more, due to both systems having wireless network capabilities straight from the box, you don’t even need to worry about trailing an Ethernet wire across your living room floor to get online.

Go wire-free: bring your devices together in harmony

Can you a recall a time when you had to connect a camera up to a TV using a cable in order to stream your holiday snaps? How about the agony of swapping SCART leads when you had finished with your games console and wanted to watch a movie on your DVD player instead?

Swapping SCART cables

With the 'UltraGig 6400' WirelessHD chip from Silicon Image though, you can stream all the data you desire from a gadget to your trusty television without any hassle. The system uses a 60GHz frequency - different from the new 802.11ac routers we're seeing, which use both the congested 2.4GHz spectrum and less cluttered 5GHz frequency. Unlike many current wireless video offerings, such as HP's TV Connect, this system offers lossless, uncompressed transmission of video and gaming content.

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Silicon Image UltraGig 6400

WirelessHD is designed to establish high-definition wireless video connectivity between portable devices and large displays without any cables and using hardly any power.

Go wire-free: play music around your home


Imagine this situation. You have friends or family round for a social gathering and want to put some music on. The question is, do you turn the hi-fi volume up to max - to the frustration of your neighbours - or opt to stretch a set of portable speakers as far as they can so that every room can hear the tunes?

Fortunately, there is a third choice available today. By investing in a set of wireless speakers – such as the selection at Wire Free AV – you have the ability to stream music from a TV, hi-fi or laptop to the speakers no matter where the gadgets are set up around the home.

Go wire-free: wave goodbye to mobile phone chargers

Mobile phone chargers are essential accessories to a handheld device – your cherished smartphone’s battery is not going to last long, especially if you use it every minute of the day.

However, having chargers hanging out of a plug socket or lying around in every room just makes the place look messy. This is where wire-free technology works a treat.

Take the WildCharge wire-free pad from PureEnergy Solutions as an example. Instead of relying on a traditional phone charger to give your smartphone an extra bit of juice, just pop your device onto the pad and see its battery charge up in a flash.

This is just one wireless charging solution available on the market today, with the majority designed to charge up a whole raft of popular mobile phones, as well as many other portable devices. The only snag is that you need to buy a special case for your device.

Few devices have built-in wireless charging capabilities: the latest standard is Qi wireless charging, which is supported by the Nokia Lumia 920, and Google's Nexus 4.