In celebration of the recent release of The Evil Dead, I decided to not go to the theaters, and instead watch the original movies for the first time. I figured you should know that, because halfway through setting up GeekBytes, I realized I had picked several food-related stories to share. So enjoy, knowing that I accidentally put myself through quite a bit of torture to bring you today's installment.

Forget hard-boiled; creamy eggs are the way to go [DigInfo]

Having only recently watched The Evil Dead for the first time, this video for Fuwatoro Eggs did very little to whet my appetite. Fuwatoro Eggs are "beaten at a high speed without coming in contact with air," which gives them the creamy consistency seen in the DigInfo video. Ovens and pans are a thing of the past when eggs can be cooked inside their shells!

...Excuse me while I go get some fresh air. [via NetHawk]

South Korean restaurant houses enormous collection of memorabilia [Naver]

Moving away from food for the moment...Woong Cho, a South Korean collector known for his incredible accumulation of movie memorabilia, has opened up a restaurant that doubles as what might be the coolest museum in the world. CW (Cinema World) Restaurant, as he has dubbed it, is three stories tall: The first two stories serve as a cafe and restaurant, and the third floor houses the gigantic collection. Be sure to check out his blog for dozens of photos. [via Kotaku]

May your beer never go flat again [YouTube]

Are you sick and tired of losing the frothy head on your beer every time you set it down? The engineers at Takara Tomy have got your back. The Sonic Hour (along with the Jokki Hour and Beer Hour) can re-foam any beer in a matter of seconds by vibrating your glass, can or mug, because who doesn't want their beer shaken up? Speaking of which, I'm going to go grab a glass of water. [via Gizmodo]

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