We've all been eagerly awaiting the release of HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc players, recorders and movies. Now that these things are starting to trickle onto the market, we might actually get an answer to the question we've been asking for so long.

Who's going to win?

Doommongers and cynics such as myself have been licking their lips in anticipation of seeing one of these much-hyped high-def standards die on its arse. However, it looks increasingly likely that this isn't going to happen – according to Screen Digest, this one looks more like going the way of the DVD plus/minus battle rather than VHS vs Betamax (where, may I add, the inferior standard won out).

Personally, I'm gutted – after all the build-up I wanted to see blood spilt. Not literally of course, but wouldn't it be nice to see one of the consortiums backing the rival formats eating humble pie? Oh well.