Since we already saw Google Glass--Google's augmented reality glasses project--back in April, Sergey Brin had to think big to keep us excited about the pet project at today's Google I/O keynote. Brin didn't disappoint: rather than rehash what Google Glass is, he demonstrated "why" it is--with the most PT-Barnum-Greatest-Show-On-Earth bravado a group of developers and tech journalists has ever witnessed.

Simply put, Google has either lost its mind, or has just snatched Apple's "King of Keynotes" crown at today's I/O event.

The audience got a first-person Google Hangouts feed of a handful of Google Glass-wearing glide suit skydivers jumping from a blimp atop the San Francisco Bay and landing on the roof of the Moscone Center--where Google I/O is being held.

After landing, the skydivers handed a package to a group of trick cyclists, who rode around the rooftop, jumping off ramps before giving the goods to roped rappellers, who then descended the side of the convention center.

The rappellers passed the package to one last cyclist who rode through the building, barely missing an innocent bystander before finally presenting the cargo to Brin.

Over the top? Sure, but they had to deliver the limited-edition blue Google Glass glasses to Brin somehow. Judging from the look on the Google co-founder's face, and his subsequent fist pump, the delivery was a huge success.

With the audience pumped and on its feet, Brin announced that Google will start shipping a US-only developer version of Google Glass early next year for $1500. Now that's how you deliver a message.