Amazon reviews: These little nuggets of crowd-sourced wisdom are crucial information for buyers, oft-gamed by shady sellers, and frequently make the difference between a one-click sale and a click-through "pffft."

But not all Amazon reviews carry such tremendous portent on their shoulders! Indeed, it's a time-honored tradition to shower the most ridiculous for-purchase products with a flood of hilariously satirical reviews to drive home their inanity.

Finding these hidden gems used to take hours of sifting through the site, or--if you were lucky--a tip-off from a joke lover in the know.

No more! Amazon has taken the time to compile a list of the funniest reviews to be found on the mammoth website, and yes, it's as glorious as it sounds.

From binders full of women to tomes dedicated to avoiding huge ships (really), these reviews might not make you want to buy anything, but they sure will tickle your funny bone.

Oh, and even better: If you have a lead on a raucous review that Amazon doesn't have listed, the page features a handy-dandy submission form you can use to tip off the e-tail giant. My pick for missing comic gold? This awesome review for the UFO-02 detector (shown at top).

Go forth and get chuckling.