The first 3D TV to hit British shelves will be available in selected John Lewis stores from today.

The 47in Samsung UE40 C700, which is priced at £1,800 and will come bundled with a copy of Dreamworks film Monsters vs Aliens in 3D, will also be available through Comet and Currys next week.

Consumers will also have to pay a further £200 for a special pair of glasses and a cable to connect the TV to a set-top box.

The Samsung UE40 C700

However, with Sky's 3D offering, which will be the first dedicated 3D channel to broadcast in the UK, not expected to start showing content until June there's still some time before Brits will be able to enjoy 3D programmes on their TVs.

The 3D TV service will offer a range of movies, sport, documentaries, entertainment and arts content and will be available to consumers with a Sky HD box that subscribe to the broadcaster's top channels.

Media consultancy Screen Digest expects 185,000 3D TVs to be sold in the UK this year and by 2015, there will be seven million 3DTVs in the Britain.

"If you are a person who would buy a high-end TV then definitely a 3D TV would be a good option, but if you are someone who spends a few hundred pounds on a TV then you are probably going to have to wait a couple of years until prices come down," Dan Simmons from Screen Digest told The Independent.

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