When Diane Von Furstenberg was a German princess in the early 1970s, she probably never imagined that she'd be involved in the hardware design project of a dreary Mountain View, California tech company some 40 years later.

Yet, essentially, this is what's happened. On Monday Google announced that would-be beta testers can buy Diane Von Furstenberg-designed fashion frames for Google Glass, making good on its early June announcement of Von Furstenberg's partnership with the Glass Explorer program. 

You can choose among five feminine frames, and buy directly from Net-a-Porter ("the world's premier online luxury fashion destination") or Google itself. But you'll need to pony up $1800. If you're interested in trying before buying, you can see the frames yourself at DVF retail locations in Manhattan, Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas and Coral Gables, Florida on June 28 and 29.

It's not beyond the realm of possibility that DVF Glass frames could become an elite fashion statement--something you buy because other people can't have it. Think early Vera Wang wedding dresses or the first Kate Spade bags.

But let's never forget that the Explorer version of Google Glass remains a beta product, an experiment, a Googly flight of fancy. This DVF tie-in certainly gives Glass more credibility, but the technology remains stuck in a perpetual R&D track. And it's still difficult to use.

Still, if we ever see DVF Glass knockoffs in the stalls of lower Manhattan street vendors, then you can throw out everything I write above. Google Glass will have arrived.