It is the year of the dragon in China. This means change, for the technology world it is change in sleekness, power and simplicity. Hewlett Packard today showcases its innovative products in the market; the company has introduced 80 different smart devices for consumers to suit home and the business world.

CIO East Africa showed up for HP's Global Influencer Summit 2012, a three day conference held in Shaghai, China. The summit focuses on how HP is combining the print industry with the personal systems. Steve Hoffman, HP's Vice President and Chief of Staff says HP has been in China for 27 years and he predicts by 2015, 650 million people will be connected online in China.

The company brings services and smart software on top of hardware to make technology work efficiently f or consumers. HP has invested over 65 Billion dollars on new consumer driven innovations to provide world class operation engine that drives personal system mechanisms in the technology industry.

"HP's product array provides a tape less workflow in my film production projects", Jocob Rosenberg, CTO and Partner, Bandito Bros. He articulates the HP brand in video management and infact used the HP dream color monitor to shot the movie "Act of Valor"

Jacob showcased "Waiting for Lighting" a documentary film, which features skateboarder, Danny Way, (Danny jumped the great wall of China in July 2005) shot on Canon 5D MkII, Red Epic and edited on Z800 workstations, a small production foot print. The documentary will be released on fall 2012.

No power cables

HP seems to be focused on designing products that work for customers especially in their business solutions. Portability, less power consumption and sleek features in most of the company new products. James Bauman, Vice President, 3M says most consumers are keen on how much power a device consumes. He introduced the HP t410 All in One (AiO) that operates within 13 watts of power envelope over PoE delivering great energy efficiency for businesses. It combines a 47cm (18.5") display and high-performing smart zero client in one space-saving unit, making it the perfect solution for power and space-constrained environments such as schools and call centres.

The HP t410 AiO monitor requires no external power supply because it is powered via Ethernet connection. This offers customers a cleaner, more reliable power source and requires less cabling and set-up time.

In addition, this monitor supports multiple protocols and can be reprogrammed on the fly. Auto-sensing technology automatically connects to the network and searches for a customer's existing client virtualization environments, be it from Citrix, Microsoft or VMware. This allows companies with a mix of infrastructures to use it across any of these solutions.

The HP t410 AiO also delivers a rich multimedia computing experience using an innovative system-on-chip design. It also features a powerful, energy-efficient ARM® processor technology with an integrated Digital Signage Processor that gives the HP t410 AiO the capability to display full-screen high-definition (HD)(2) video, complex graphical content and rich media, while still running at optimum performance levels.

Performance and power hungry professionals

Apart from the HP t410 monitor, HP introduced the HP Z220 Workstation. This delivers new technologies to improve overall system performance and energy efficiency. They continue to set the standard for affordable entry-level workstations and bring unbelievable value to demanding professionals in video editing, mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD), architecture engineering construction (AEC), education, healthcare and government, and any scenario where a standard PC is reaching its limits. The HP Z220 is available in either an exceptionally expandable, convertible mini-tower (CMT) or as a highly compact small form factor (SFF) for space-constrained environments.

Anya Ayoung - Chee, a model and designer, says HP's mobile workstation, EliteBook 8770W is her slave, and it does everything for her from designing to communicating with her customers.

The HP EliteBook 8770w offers the highest-performing professional graphics and extreme processing power and is highly configurable with a 43.9cm (17.3") display. The versatile and portable HP EliteBook 8570w includes high-end professional graphics, robust processing power and a 39.6cm (15.6") display. HP's most travel-friendly mobile workstation, the HP EliteBook 8470w, features workstation-caliber graphics and powerful processing along with a business rugged design that's optimized around a 35.6cm (14") HD(1) display. The HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations are ideal for financial traders, engineers, designers and architects, as well as creative professionals doing video editing, post production, 3D animation and audio production who need a powerful, mobile solution.

All HP Workstations are certified to work with independent software vendors (ISVs) across a range of industries.