Channel 4 will be the first TV channel to publicly broadcast a number of programmes in 3D it has been revealed.

The broadcaster has beaten Sky, which has already tested broadcasts of a number of shows in 3D, including a live concert by indie band Keane, to announcing the date of its first public transmission. Sky said it hoped to start broadcasting 3D shows to consumer by Christmas this year, but has not been able to provide a firm date.

The Channel 4 shows will be broadcast using ColorCode that makes the programmes look normal when viewed by the naked eye. They only gain depth when viewed through amber and blue filters. Channel 4 has said it will distribute 3D glasses with these filters through branches of supermarket chain Sainsbury's.

Among the programmes being broadcast in 3D will be a magic show by illusionist Derren Brown, The Greatest Ever 3D Moments - which comprises a compilation of clips and a two-ppart documentary about The Queen featuring rare footage from her Coronation in 1953 as well as up-to-date video clips.

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