Sony used CES to unveil a range of 3D-capable HDTVs and Blu-ray players for 2010.

Sir Howard Stringer brought Sony Music artist Taylor Swift up on stage to perform her hit Love Story. Cameras by the stage captured her acoustic performance live in 3D, and projected it on the screen.

Already, last year's release of U2 3D has made a compelling case for watching concert performances captured in 3D.

The Sony Bravia EX700 is one of a number of TVs launched by Sony at CES that feature 3D technology

This prospect gets all the more compelling if coupled with the prospect of showing a performer live during the concert. Somehow, I can't help but think this will take some of the sting out of not being able to see the stadium's stage from afar.

Those big screen projections will have a whole new meaning.

'Taking the lead in 3D'

Sony announced it, along with Discovery and IMAX, were launching a 3D broadcast channel in 2011.

"We intend to take the lead in 3D," proclaimed Sony chairman Sir Howard Stringer.

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Stringer noted the company's experience in the professional capture side and production sides, as well as the roles other Sony division will have in the coming 3D revolution (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Sony Music, Sony Network and now consumer angles).

Sony announced today that it would be creating a 3D technology center at its Culver City studios to educate Hollywood on production techniques; and that it was partnering with CBS to do research into what audiences want from the 3D home experience.

At one point, Stringer joked this was the CES 3D show', a reference to all of the days' previous 3D announcements from other consumer electronics companies, including Samsung and Panasonic. And one third of the Sony booth was dedicated to 3D demonstrations.

Sony will release three series of 3D HDTV this summer. The company didn't discuss pricing, but only the top-of-the-line NX900 series comes with the necessary transmitter and two pairs of active-shutter glasses (made by Real D).

Varying by series, the 3D models will be available in screen sizes from 40 to 60in. Also announced: Sony's 3D Blu-ray players, including home theatre set models.

Sony also demoed a 24.5in 3D Oled (organic LED) television. This was a technology demo only, though; Sony announced no plans to commercialise this, or any other Oled televisions, at CES.

The push to 3D is reflected in Sony's new tag line - 'make.believe'. Gone is the familiar HDNA tag line, which prevailed in the early years of the high-defintion transition.

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