Here's something else to blame on Google Glass. Wearables are insanely trendy, even though many haven't proven their usefulness (or even shipped).

Meanwhile, all sorts of carefully designed and safety-tested car technologies are either taken for granted or viewed with sometimes-undeserved suspicion.

So I don't blame Ford for trying to get a little attention with this parody photo of what it would look like if someone tried to replace common car technologies with some taped-on and/or wearable kludges. Ford even waited for a special occasion--Embrace Your Geekness Day.

Missed that holiday? Conceived and copyrighted by Wellcat Holiday (and be warned, that link is to a shockingly primitive website), it had the misfortune this year of falling on Sunday, when, you know, World Cup. 

It's a silly little stunt (and since when did geeks get their own holiday?!), though you can tease a point out of it: Car tech is complicated. Even the geek-heavy Maker Faire crowd couldn't get much closer than this guy does to a reasonable facsimile. But Americans love their duct-taped workarounds, so don't be too surprised if you see some guy trying this in a tech-deprived 1978 Ford Fairmont (Full disclosure: My family owned one), or even on a bicycle.