BT YouView films to buy and keep

BT has announced it will offer YouView TV customers films to buy and keep.

The firm already offers movie rentals via its Box Office service, but this move means it becomes the first pay-TV provided to offer films to buy and keep. Customers can now choose to purchase the latest blockbusters from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

BT is also offering a selection of 'modern greats' and 'classics' via the YouView box. Prices start at £5.99 for SD and £8.99 for higher quality HD. Read: BT YouViewers can now record internet channels.

Alex Green, director of BT TV, said: "We are delighted to have reached this agreement with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The new service gives you even more choice. You can buy the latest blockbusters and they’re yours to keep forever. And you can watch them as many times as you like."

Once a film is purchased, customers can stream it to their YouView box over broadband or Infinity. Just like buying a physical disc, users can keep the title forever and watch it as many times as they like. See also: YouView adds Yesterday and Really to catch-up list.

Incoming titles include The Wolverine and Turbo which will be available on 17 February plus The Croods, Elysium and Captain Phillips which will hit the store on 10 February.

BT says that it plans to expand the service to include TV box sets as well as films in the coming months. Customers are renting movies on the firm's Box Office at a rate of one per minute with over 600 titles available; thanks to a deal with Curzon, some are rentable on the day they hit the cinema.

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