The BBC has announced the new iPlayer will be its primary destination for digital entertainment.

The Beeb said the new on –demand media hub will focus on a greater range of content, new ways of watching shows and innovative new features. The overhauled iPlayer will be launched in the first half of 2014 so we've got a bit of a wait.

Tony Hall, director-general at the BBC, said: "The new generation of BBC iPlayer is set to transform our relationship with audiences. In the coming years, for many people BBC iPlayer is going to be the front door to our programming and the experience they have is going to be a world away from that of a traditional 'one to many' broadcaster."

Tweaks and new features will include 'pop-up' channels for events like Glastonbury, online channels like Radio 1 TV, the ability to create a schedule of viewing, pause and resume on another screen and better recommendations. The window to watch will increase from seven to 30 days, too.

All of these changes mean the iPlayer will no longer be simply a catch-up service for those shows you missed and forgot to record.

"Over time, more and more of our programmes will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer before they are broadcast on TV, allowing viewers to create their own evening schedule." said Danny Cohen, director of BBC Television.

The broadcaster said that it will even make certain shows available exclusively for online audiences including EastEnders, Doctor Who and Strictly Come Dancing. It will also make available 'themed collections' from its huge archive.

Hall also confirmed that the BBC will launch a +1 version of BBC One which will show programmes an hour after the regular schedule. He also said a BBC store will be launched where people can buy shows to keep.

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