The broadcast industry has been going on-demand TV crazy over the past couple of days, with the BBC, ITV and Joost all making big announcements promising thousands of hours of TV straight to your desktop. But the usually politically correct BBC runs the risk of alienating a certain dedicated faction of the technology community – Mac users – by not making its iPlayer available for Apple’s computers, and then blaming Apple for it.

The iPlayer will allow TV fans to download and watch the likes of EastEnders, The Apprentice and Doctor Who for 30 days after the programmes are first shown. But apparently, Apple’s “proprietary and closed framework for digital rights management” has delayed the BBC’s efforts to make the service available to Mac users. The BBC is starting with “the biggest available audience” – broadband-connected Windows users. Then come the three million cable homes.

Macs, however, are lumped in with “smart handheld devices” in the BBC’s priority list.

Okay, so it’s hardly a killer comeback line for Windows fans tired of their Mac-loving friends touting those all-too-smug Mitchell and Webb Apple adverts whenever the 'PC versus Mac debate' rears its ugly head. But at least it’s another one to add to the list.