A BBC executive claims Apple's move to offer movie rentals in the US could pave the way for the BBC's iPlayer service to become available via iTunes.

Writing on the BBC internet blog, the broadcaster's future media and technology director, Ashley Highfield, welcomed the introduction of iTunes movie rentals and the relaunch of the Apple TV, saying they could set the scene for getting the BBC's TV-on-demand service, iPlayer, onto iTunes.

BBC iPlayer review

These moves mean: "We can look to getting BBC iPlayer onto this platform too, as we should be able to use the rental functionality to allow our programmes to be downloaded, free, but retained for a time window, and then erased, as our rights holders currently insist." Highfield wrote.

Highfield also called for IPTV solutions to be simple enough for his mum to install, and predicted existing services and products will be upgraded to handle such new broadcasting models.