New BBC iPlayer app 2014

The BBC has launched a new iPlayer streaming app for the three major mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The broadcaster says that the new version of iPlayer offers the best-ever playback experience. It follows the launch of the new iPlayer for web and TV in March. See also: BBC Three to be pulled but live on as online channel on iPlayer.

Dan Taylor, head of BBC iPlayer, says: "This update brings the best-ever BBC iPlayer experience to our hugely successful mobile and tablet apps, making the huge breadth of what the BBC offers easier to find and putting the discovery of new favourites that you didn't know about at the heart of the iPlayer experience."

BBC iPlayer app: New features

New features in the iOS and Android apps include a new home screen, an optimised design for portrait and landscape, subtitles and new pages for categories and channels. Updates promised for the future include live rewind and continuous play.

Interestingly, the BBC rolled the update out to Windows Phone users 24 hours before iOS and Android. Microsoft's mobile OS is normally an afterthought compared to its rivals but has been given star treatment here.

"This update is far more stable and is expected to work with a wider range of Windows Phones," said the BBC.

BBC iPlayer app Windows Phone

Windows Phone users will now benefit from an adaptive bitrate, subtitles and live TV. The BBC wants to add features like download but can't justify it until market share is increases – until then it can't justify the additional development and infrastructure costs.

"New functionality will also be added to make BBC iPlayer a more personal experience, with cross-platform playback and tailored recommendations planned." added the BBC talking about the service as a whole.

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