Asus has unveiled its ZenWatch, a smartwatch that will go head-to-head with LG's G Watch R and Motorola's Moto 360, at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin.

Asus' vice president of design, Mitch Yang, took to the stage to unveil the company's first wearable. Yang said the ZenWatch's stainless steel face, curved glass and Italian leather wrist-band was influenced by traditional watch making techniques; however, the electronic smartwatch differs by featuring a square watchface with rounded corners.

The ZenWatch is as a companion to smartphones running Android 4.3 and later. Double tapping its screen will trigger a smartphone to ring so that it may be located; covering the screen mutes incoming calls; and, although the ZenWatch doesn't come equipped with a camera, its screen can be used as a remote viewfinder to frame photos.

Asus will use the ZenWatch to enter the health market. It comes equipped with a heart monitor, a wellness app and a 9-axis sensor, which will record steps taken, calories burned and exercise activity.

Yang and Asus did not reveal what hardware is powering the ZenWatch, nor did the company reveal when the ZenWatch will be released.

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The company quoted its price at 199 euros. Good Gear Guide will update this article with news from Asus Australia.

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