I'll admit that I'm a huge fan of Amazon's Kindle. The battery lasts forever, and after staring at a screen all day, it's a nice way to enjoy an ebook. But, while I may not care about the devices gaming (or other) capabilities, it looks like Amazon may start trying to crowd in on Apple's turf a little more closely.

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According to Apple Insider, Amazon is going to announce a 7-inch, bare-bones tablet for release this fall, but that's just to test the waters before putting out a full-featured Kindle tablet next year. With "touch controls, 3G connectivity, and a speaker" and running Google Android operating system, this might be yet another semi-portable system for playing the Android's quickly expanding suite of mobile games.

Adding another major player to the Android Market makes it look like the younger upstart could eventually overtake Apple as the go-to platform for developers who want to make mobile games. But, of course, we're still not ruling out Apple forcing its way into the game space with a full-fledged console of one type or another either.