Amazon Prime is continuously growing, not just in popularity but also the benefits it offers to its members. What started out as a way to get unlimited next-day delivery at no extra cost has quickly become an all-encompassing digital service that adds video, music, books, cloud storage and loads more.

It's a handy service to have, and not just for major seasonal sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Amazon Prime, whether it’s worth signing up, its latest features and how much Amazon Prime costs.

Amazon Prime free trials

Below you'll find quick links to the various Prime free trials available if you just want to try it out.

Amazon offers a 30-day trial on nearly all its Prime services (except for Prime Student, where the free trial is for 6 months!). Remember, if you decide you don't want to pay for a subscription, you'll need to cancel Amazon Prime before your trial ends.

Amazon Prime Free Trial
Amazon Prime Music Free Trial
Amazon Prime Video Free Trial
Amazon Prime Student Free Trial

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

Amazon Prime is available with a few different subscription models. The best value is the upfront sum of £79/$119 for the year, which works out at about £6.58/$9.92 per month. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 30-day free trial first, though.

You can also get Amazon Prime on a monthly subscription plan, but it does work out at a higher cost per year. It’s £7.99/$12.99 per month, which is £95.88/$155.88 per year.

The final option is for those looking to subscribe to the Prime Video service without the rest of the perks that come with the full Prime package.

This option is £5.99/$8.99 per month, but we’d hesitate to recommend this when the yearly option works out at almost the same price and gives you all of the additional features.

All of these subscription options are available to sign up to on Amazon's website by clicking here.

There is another option, but this one is only for students. It works out at half the price of the usual Amazon prime and there’s a whopping six months free trial available too. Find out everything you need to know about Prime Student and how to get it here.

Amazon Prime benefits

We’ve explained how much Prime costs, but if you’re still wondering what you get with Amazon Prime and whether it’s worth it, here’s where we dig into its benefits to help you decide.

Amazon Prime delivery

The core feature of Amazon Prime is delivery. You’ll get unlimited one-day delivery at no extra cost for millions of eligible items. Some addresses are available with same-day delivery, and better yet there’s also Prime Now, which promises delivery within two hours or less.

Previously, Amazon would offer a promotional credit to thank customers who chose the no-rush delivery but this has now been discontinued.

Prime Early Access

Prime members get access to lots of deals 30 minutes before the rest of its customers, which can sometimes make the difference between bagging a bargain and missing out completely. (We share the best Amazon deals available right now here).

Amazon Prime Music

Also included is Prime Music, which offers huge selection of songs (more than two million) available to stream.

However, if you want access to the complete library of 40 million songs, Amazon’s answer to Spotify is Prime Music Unlimited, which has a separate subscription cost of £9.99/$9.99 per month.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s Netflix rival is called Amazon Prime Video, and there you’ll find thousands of films and TV shows, some exclusive, to stream. Better yet, you can download them to watch offline.

We've picked out our favorite movies on Amazon Prime here.

Prime now also lets you see 20 exclusive Premier League matches per season at no extra cost for its subscribers, which is an indication that Amazon is gearing up to bring even more exclusive content to entice new users.

Amazon Prime Deals

Every year Amazon holds Prime Day (often longer than 24 hours). It's big sale similar to Black Friday where thousands of products are reduced but only Prime members can access the deals.

It's also becoming more common for the firm to offer newly launched products to Prime members. Past examples include the HTC Desire 12+ and Ticwatch Pro.

Amazon Channels

Prime members also get access to Amazon Channels, which offers 40 TV channels at a small additional cost. We’ve got a guide to Amazon Channels here.

Twitch Prime

Gamers can get extra benefits through Twitch Prime, which includes free games every month and ad-free viewing on Twitch itself. Go to Twitch Prime to see which games are available.

Kindle Owner’s Lending Library & Prime Reading

Prime members can borrow a book a month from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library at no extra cost, as well as a book from the Kindle First picks. 

You’ll also be able to download and read books, comics and magazines from the library of more than 1,000 titles available with Prime Reading.

Books borrowed from the Lending Library can only be read on a Kindle device, but titles from Prime Reading can be accessed from any device.

Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry is the retailer's answer to grocery shopping. It's a Prime exclusive service that could save you time and money. Find out more about Amazon Pantry here.

Amazon Prime Photos

Prime Photos lets you upload and store unlimited photos in the cloud to keep them safe and accessible from any device.

Amazon Household

Some of these perks aren’t limited to one individual, either. With Amazon Household, you can share features with one other adult member of your household.

Amazon Family

You can also join Amazon Family, which in addition to all of the Prime benefits gets you 20% off nappies subscriptions as well as other exclusive offers and discounts. You’ll have to provide a few details about you and your family in order to qualify, and only one membership is available per household.

Prime Wardrobe

This feature allows customers to try on clothes, shoes, watches and accessories before buying. You get 7 days to try the items, and you get charged for the items you keep. Here's more on how it works.

Amazon Restaurants

Finally, Amazon Restaurants is a fast food delivery service a bit like Deliveroo. Read all about it here.