(This column appears in the January 06 issue of PC Advisor)

We've scaled the technological heights hither and traversed the consumer electronic landscape thither in our perennial quest to bring you the best round-up of hardware you'll find on any website. Ever. And let me tell you, this is no mean feat (mops sweat from brow, readjusts travel-worn pantaloons).

In our search for the latest and greatest products, we've got hold of some excellent pre-Christmas treats. We've tried to bring in a nice eclectic mix, and we're sure there's something here for everyone.

The PC Advisor team has managed to obtain - despite unspeakable danger - not one, not two, but three exclusive magazine reviews. Using SAS distraction tactics, freelance mercenary Gordon Laing wrestled the fantastic Cyber-shot DSC-R1 professional digital camera from the jaws of a Sony exec. Ben Camm-Jones, versed in the arts of Japanese shuriken and armed only with a PC Advisor cover CD, managed to stealthily infiltrate the offices of AJP, bringing back the secrets of its M560A power notebook.

Finally, laughing in the face of peril and with no thought for my own safety, I phoned Lexmark and asked if they'd kindly let us have the first ever glimpse of its C522n colour laser printer - if it wouldn't be too much trouble at all. Look out for all these products in the January 06 issue of PC Advisor (and coming soon to a site near you).

Not bad, eh? And it's not even Christmas yet.