Big is good. Good for business and educational presentations, and even good for home theatres. NEC thought big and came up with a jumbo 61in flat PDP (plasma display panel) monitor that it plans to put on sale in Japan in July.

Of course for a 61in plasma telly we're talking big money, too - £14,680 to be precise. But the PX-61XM1 offers a lot more screen space than NEC's current largest plasma display, a 50in beast, which NEC says is the largest panel on sale anywhere.

The panel that the new display is based on was unveiled at this year's CeBIT show in Germany for the first time, while South Korea's Samsung Electronics Inc displayed prototypes of 63in panels at the same time.

Not only is this screen mind-bogglingly expensive, but it weighs as much as a grown woman at 61kg. Image resolution on the panel is 1,365x768 and its dimensions are 1,480x890x119mm.

NEC will start selling the product from July in Japan. Shipments to North America are also expected at around the same time. The company hopes to follow with shipments to Europe soon after, said an NEC spokesman.