High street chain Woolworths, is the latest company to suffer an embarrassing internet security leak of customers’ details.

The retailer has shut down its entire web site while it investigates what led to its customers being able to access the names, addresses and credit card details of fellow shoppers.

The site is expected to be closed for at least a week according to the company. Those customers affected will receive compensation.

This is the latest in a series of high profile security leaks from online stores and services during the last three weeks.

Customers of Barclays Bank were able to view account details of other customers due to a software glitch that occurred during an upgrade to the bank’s ecommerce software.

Utilities provider Powergen leaked the names and credit card details of 7000 of its customers. This led to a bill of £350,000 for the company due it having to pay £50 compensation to each customer. Powergen confirmed the reason for the leak had been that the file holding customer information was left “temporarily outside of the security gate of the system.”