Most women love to shop, but more than ever they're doing it online. According to the latest research from Nielsen/NetRatings 43.1 percent of internet use in November was made up of women hitting the net to shop.

The number of female surfers saw a rise in the number of women from 37 percent last month, with eight of the ten most popular sites visited being e-commerce destinations, including which is high street store Boots' site, and Sainsburys.

"Online shopping had a bumper November, and it's no coincidence that this is happening as more women are coming online," said Nielsen internet analyst Tom Ewing.

According to Ewing Littlewoods, the site with the most women customers, saw its audience rise by 80 percent in November.

Online bookstore and market leader Amazon also noted a 27 percent rise in the number of visitors to its site.

"Christmas is always a busy time and it's good news that women as well as men are seeing the benefits of online shopping," said an Amazon spokeswoman. Not at all predictable that, then.

Nielsen also noted a five percent increase in the number of sessions per month users were spending online — now 13. Likewise the number of pages viewed per month was up by two to 38.

Perhaps users are finally getting over their security fears and seeing the internet as a viable shopping destination. Or maybe women just couldn't avoid virtual shops any longer…