One of the IT world's stranger creations, the originally Eastern European Cybiko, has now been succeeded by the Cybiko X-treme 2. The updated PDA, geared toward teens, is being previewed at the E3 entertainment and games show in the US this week.

Sleeker, slimmer and more powerful than its predecessor, the CyX2 aims to become the handheld of choice for young gadget-heads. It is due to US hit stores in September priced at $150 (about £105). Cybiko will launch in UK at the start of 2002. For now you can see more at the company's website.

The CyX2 features a faster processor, more onboard memory (2.5MB), an updated operating system and a new keypad design with a pager-sized Qwerty keyboard.

Although the CyX2's keys are tiny, they're an improvement over the even smaller keys of the previous edition. The keys on the older model were so teeny that you were better off using the stylus to press them.

Still, the small keyboard comes in handy when you want to write emails. Like the original, the CyX2 lets you send and receive email through its radio frequency transmitter. The multiplayer games facility lets you play games with other Cybiko owners over a wireless connection. Games can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

A chat feature lets you stay in constant touch with friends and you can even use the CyX2 as a walkie-talkie to communicate with other Cybiko users. More practically, the CyX2, like the original, has a slew of useful, school-oriented features including an address book, a dictionary, a scientific calculator, a spellchecker and a language translator.