BT today announced it will be installing wireless access points in 91 of its broadband-enabled payphones by the end of the week, allowing even more people to access the web on the move.

The selected payphone kiosks have, according to BT, been chosen for their 'footprint coverage' — in other words they're located in places frequented by a high proportion of business workers who will own the wireless-equipped notebooks necessary for accessing the service.

"We have carefully targeted kiosks which cover nearby hotels or restaurants so that workers will be able to take advantage of mobile broadband from a sensible and secure location," said Dave Hughes, chief executive of BT Wireless Broadband.

Security will be a major concern to users. Many railway stations and other public places already display posters warning mobile phone owners to keep their handsets out of sight, so it's quite possible that similar warnings could emerge for laptop users logging on to public access points.

As part of today's announcement, BT also launched a new offer in conjunction with Dell and Intel. Consumers who purchase a Centrino-powered Dell notebook during the next three months will be given a free 90-day subscription to BT's OpenZone wireless service — a whopping £255 saving.

BT aims to put wireless access points in 200 kiosks in time for Christmas.

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