Only a tiny fraction of visitors to the PC Advisor web site intends to upgrade to Windows 2000, while around one in ten will plump for Windows Millennium instead.

According to the site’s latest interactive poll a mere 3.1 percent intend to move up to Microsoft’s industrial strength Windows 2000, in contrast to 10.3 percent who say they’re going to buy the software giant’s latest consumer operating system instead.

However the vast majority of respondents (86.5 percent) indicated that they would either be taking a wait and see approach or are happy to stick with their existing operating system.

Microsoft’s latest consumer operating system, dubbed Windows Me, has been on the shelves for eleven days and is on offer as an upgrade to Windows 98 users for a £39.99 until 15 January 2001, after which a £79 price tag will prevail.

To upgrade from Windows 95 costs £79, while those buying the full product will have to part with £149.

Aimed primarily at home users, Windows Me features improvements over the current Windows 98 operating system in areas including PC maintenance, digital media, home networking and Internet access.

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