Those old excuses about ‘working late’ and 'walking the dog' when you're really at the pub for a quick pint may soon be impossible to pull off, (no) thanks to the internet.

Live webcams connected to the internet have been installed in six Whitbread pubs across London. Your partner could view your every move - and every sup.

But PC Advisor readers don't much like the idea. While a few of you think it might prove interesting, most see it as invasive.

"I suppose I do see it as a possible invasion of privacy," said reader Peter Thomas, a computer consultant.

"It can be argued that our streets and shops are already full of CCTV cameras, but the resulting tapes can't be viewed by all and sundry. Let's keep the pub forever a cosy retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life."

The idea is to encourage lazy internet users to log in to their local pub, and be inspired to go down for a pint. The webcams will also show people how busy their boozer is.

Punters can also use an email terminal in the pubs to send messages to friends and family while enjoying a pint. If the experiment is successful webcams may be installed in over 1,000 Whitbread pubs throughout the country.

But this could backfire. Reader Pete Jackson, IT support for a Warwickshire infant school, also thinks it's an invasion.

"I do not agree with the use of webcams in pubs. Even if your visit to the pub is perfectly in order, and you are not secretly meeting someone, this must be deemed an invasion of privacy," Jackson told PC Advisor.

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