Here's a run down of the various flavours of Microsoft's latest creation, along with some of the the best prices we could find

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Home Basic

The poor relation of the Vista family and not a version we recommend you choose. Home Basic doesn't support the Aero interface, so much of the 'oo' factor is missing, as are useful entertainment items such as the Media Center.

Upgrade: £99 inc VAT (PC World)
Full: £153 inc VAT (Chillblast)

Home Premium

Likely to be the most popular choice for consumers, Home Premium showcases all that's great about Vista. It omits only the advanced networking capabilities.

Upgrade: £150 inc VAT ( or PC World)
Full: £182 inc VAT (Chillblast)


Ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. It has improved networking and security aspects.

Full: no price listed
Upgrade: £190 (PC World)


The grand dame of the Vista family, Ultimate is
decked out with the complete feature set.

Upgrade: £250 inc VAT (Amazon or PC World)
Full: £323 inc VAT (Chillbast)


Aimed only at very large businesses that are on Microsoft’s Software Assurance licensing scheme.