Worried about the outcome of today’s oh-so-close election? Don't worry. On the Web, plenty of opportunities exist to take action, make a difference, and even melt the candidates' faces.

Political spoof sites on the Web offer lots of relief from the tense campaign season. At MSIntegrate.com's http://www.msintergate.com/warped/warp_2nd.html page, for example, you can stretch Al Gore's face like silly putty and bend back Bush's ears.

For added pleasure, morph the mugs of Hillary Clinton, Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, and yesteryear's political scapegoat, Dan Quayle.

That's just for starters. At http://www.Boneland.com, you can put Al, George, and their running mates Dick and Joe in the dunking chair and hurl baseballs at them, carnival style.

Don't like the way the politicians look? With http://www.Comedyworld.com's hilarious Hip Styles Vendo-o-Matic, you can affect positive change at least in the sartorial department.

Dress up your favourite political target (Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky are among the choices) with eyeglasses, jewellery (George W. looks great in a tiara), hairstyles, facial hair, suits, and more.

Want to make the current vice president show some emotion? A visit to http://www.Hecklers.com will confirm your suspicions: he has none to show.

Click on any button, such as pensive, angry, and passionate, and watch him react (or in most cases, not).

Finally, Quake III fans can get right to the heart of it at http://welcome.to/politicalarena. The site offers downloadable models of Al and George and Joe and Dick, which you can pit against one another in death match battles.