People who are sick and tired of poor service and shoddy product quality are turning to the web to air their feelings.

Since it went live just six months ago, consumer complaints site has seen an "overwhelming response", said owner Adrian Miles. He attributes this success to the fact the website gets results. "Often people have contacted the vendor and got nowhere. When they turn to us, they feel they’re finally getting some support."

"We're fed up with bad service in the UK, especially on the web where service has never been more important," says Miles. "At visitors can let off some steam and even get a petition started - all without revealing their name."

Unsurprisingly, PC problems crop up regularly on the forums. Whinges cover everything from crooked PC manufacturers and glitchy software to flaky internet services and pricey consumables.

So are there any areas where has failed? "Well we've not heard back from Microsoft since we forwarded the 'We think Microsoft should apologise for Windows Millennium' petition," says Miles.