This year's Paddy Power darts World Grand Prix will have places open to the general public. This is a change of format for the darts World Grand Prix, as eight players from outside the world of pro darts will get the chance to take part against their heroes in Dublin this October.

What's this got to do with us? Last night a three-strong team from PC Advisor, which included our art director and subscriptions manager, beat off all but one team to come second in the opening stage of the championship – the Media Challenge.

In an attempt to drum up support for its darts challenge, the Paddy Power group invited a bunch of hacks from various publications to play off against each other and teams from the sponsors of this year's World Grand Prix, namely Holsten and John Barras pubs.

Aileen O'Donnell, art director, also won Best Individual for a stunning game-finishing turn which ended with a much-needed double five. Nice one Aileen.

For a full report of the match and more details of how to get your pub team into the Grand Prix, click here.