It seems London-based PC users decided that if they could afford to wait five years for Windows Vista they could afford to wait until sunrise this morning. While hundreds of Japanese Windows fanatics queued up in Tokyo at midnight to be among the first to get their hands on Vista, PC World opened its Tottenham Court Road at 6am this morning to be greeted by a queue of just 21 people.

Apart from the determined shopper who started queuing at 1am to get his hands on one of the ten free copies of Vista, it seems the reaction to the launch has been rather indifferent. At lunchtime, one member of the PC World sales staff said there were fewer shoppers in the store than on a typical Tuesday. We were assured by others, however, that mid-afternoon is traditionally the busy period on weekdays.

Several characters were deployed throughout the store to demonstrate various aspects of Vista. Sherlock Holmes was on hand to show off Vista’s search facilities (the link being something to do with the fictional character’s magnifying glass), while Marilyn Monroe was running through the movie features within Vista’s Media Center. There was also a Strong Man explaining Vista’s new Security Center, plus an “intrepid explorer” tasked with showing off the advances in Internet Explorer – without the aid of a working internet connection!