The results of the latest PC Advisor interactive poll are in and the results don’t make good reading for Intel.

A mere 7.2 percent of respondents indicated that they intend to upgrade to computers housing the chip giant’s recently released Pentium 4 processor.

Even more worryingly for Intel is that nearly two thirds (61.8 percent) stated that they weren’t even interested in upgrading to the new processor over the next two years.

One of the problems for Intel is that for the moment users won’t see much of an improvement until software is written specially for Pentium 4.

Pentium 4 is a leap forward in terms of building chips, but today’s applications aren’t built to best use it so home users will probably not see much improvement in baseline speed.

Nearly a third (31.1 percent) of PC Advisor’s poll participants indicated that they would only upgrade to Pentium 4 once they were convinced the software is there to support it.

One visitor to the site pointed out an omission on the poll. According to AMD fan David Gillliatt, we should have included “I'll never change to a Pentium 4 ( not while AMD still produce CPU's).”

If you want to read more about Pentium 4 you can do so in the current issue (January) of our magazine, which is on the newsstand now.