Confiscated floppies from the house of Onel De Guzman, the 23-year-old suspect in the "Love Bug" computer virus case, uncovered an earlier virus apparently written by his college chum, Michael Buen.

The virus, which works with Microsoft Word, prints out Buen's CV, with a chilling warning that he will release a more destructive virus that will delete all folders on a victim's hard disk: "if I don't find a stable job by the end of the month."

Investigators said, however, they found no evidence directly linking De Guzman to the Love Bug virus that caused havoc worldwide.

Although no evidence was discovered, the floppies revealed 40 names, about 30 of which have been identified as students of AMA Computer College (AMACC), where De Guzman and Buen studied.

Meneses said the NBI will invite for questioning, either by telephone or through a legal order, all of the people whose names were found on the floppies.

Except for the case already filed against Reomel Ramones, the bank worker earlier arrested and released by the NBI for lack of evidence, the NBI has not filed any formal charges in the case.

The Word Macro virus discovered on floppy 17 is the same virus earlier identified by US experts and traced back to Buen, who recently graduated from AMACC in Makati City.

The virus infects all Microsoft Word 97 document files. Once a user tries to print an infected file, the virus saves a copy of Buen's CV and prints it out.

If a user tries to save an infected file, a message appears on the screen that says: "Michael learns to hack." The virus also mismatches keyboard strokes.

In the attached resume, Buen also gives out a warning: "If I don't find a stable job by the end of next month, I will release a third virus that will delete all folders in the primary disk or para na rin finormat and hard disk mo (so that your hard disk will be formatted)."