NEC will unveil its highest performance notebook to date today, based on Intel's 1GHz Mobile processor.

The Versa L320 will feature Intel's 0.13 micron Mobile Pentium III processor running at 1GHz, NEC said.

The L320 has two multifunction bays, the first of which can be used for peripherals including a DVD (digital versatile disc) and CD-RW (rewritable compact disc) combination drive and a 30GB hard drive. The second bay can be fitted with a floppy disk drive or a second battery, NEC said. This design allows the use of two batteries while also using the DVD and CD-RW drive.

The notebook features a 14.1in XGA (extended graphics array) display and a Mobility M6D graphics controller from ATI, featuring 16MB of integrated video memory. The notebook is available running Microsoft's Windows 2000 or Windows 98 SE, with a Windows XP version to follow late this year, NEC said.

The standard configuration of the notebook, weighing 3.2kg, features a 1GHz processor, TFT (thin film transistor) display, a 30GB hard drive, 128MB of RAM, an internal modem and ethernet card, a combination CD-RW/DVD drive and a floppy disk drive.

The L320 will be available in the US from November for around $2,700 (£1,900) plus tax. Prices and availability in the UK are so far unannounced.