The music downloading business still has huge growth potential even though 78 percent of users expect to have to pay for their downloads within the next 18 months, according to a new survey from online security and payment company Magex.

According to the Magex survey, more than two-thirds of respondents who haven't already downloaded digital content are interested in doing so within the next 12 months.

The main objection to paying is not the cost but the fear of online credit card fraud, according to respondents to the survey, which was conducted in Britain and the US.

Consumers expect to pay an average of 57p per sample, £2.1o per single title and £8.87 for a monthly subscription.

But 52 percent of respondents who have not downloaded music in the past 12 months agreed that their purchasing has been limited because of fear of credit card fraud.

When asked how valuable certain features are while purchasing music downloads from the Internet, the only feature identified as extremely valuable to a majority of respondents was payment security, according to the survey.

Even though payment security is a concern, respondents expressed more confidence in certain online institutions than in others.

British respondents were more likely than their peers to rely on a leading banking institution to store their personal payment information (45 percent in the Britain compared with 31 percent in New York and 28 percent in Los Angeles).

Overall, 76 percent of respondents are prepared to trust at least one institution on the Internet, the level of trust ranging from a credit card company (trusted by 60 percent), a leading banking institution (35 percent), an Internet security company (25 percent), an Internet service provider (24 percent) and Internet merchants (10 percent).