Matsushita, otherwise known as Panasonic, has unveiled new models of its twinscreen desktop PCs, which are designed for use in, admittedly uncommon, situations such as presentations and at customer service counters where more than two people view the screen from different positions.

The new model features two LCDs (liquid crystal displays) which can be rotated vertically or horizontally.

Called the Panacom LCW CF-82K, Panasonic's PC is equipped with two 15in LCD panels which can be placed in different positions. For example, one can be sited in front of the PC user while the other is aimed at a person sitting opposite, or they can be stationed side-by-side. The panels can be also rotated vertically or horizontally.

The CF-82K carries Intel's 1GHz Celeron processor, 128MB of memory, a 20GB hard disk and a fast ethernet interface.

Products will be rolled out from March onwards in Japan but there is no planned date for overseas sales.